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Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff This is a classic family traditional recipe which I have made allergy friendly. The recipe for the cauliflower rice and Beef Stroganoff are in my Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook.  You will need… 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 500g Rump steak, sliced into thin […]

Chocolate Freezer Fudge

I created this recipe one night after dinner when I was having one of those after dinner sugar craving. I love this recipe because there is no guilt and its sooooo good. This fudge is quick and easy to make, allergy friendly and delicious!!!  It will […]

Zucchini Slice

I’ve been working on adapting a zucchini slice for some time and I’ve finally nailed it!! This is delicious. So easy and quick to make and perfect for allergy friendly lunchboxes

Grain Free| Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Egg Free | Wheat Free | Soy Free

You will need...

4-5 zucchini's
2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
1 cm piece ginger, grated
2 carrots
6 rashers bacon, sliced finely
2 Cups Besan flour
3/4 cup rice milk
1 teaspoon Savoury Yeast flakes
1/4 cup sunflower oil (or another light flavoured oil)
Herbamare, freshly ground pepper

What to do...

Grease and line a loaf tin. Preheat oven to 200C.
Coarsely shred or grate zucchini and carrot. Place into a mixing bowl. Add garlic, ginger, bacon yeast flakes and seasoning. Mix with a spoon (or hands) until combined.
In a separate bowl, combine flour, oil and rice milk. Stir until smooth. Pour into zucchini mixture and stir until combined.
Scrape mixture into prepared loaf tin. Cook in preheated oven for approximately 30-35 minutes.
Remove from oven and allow to cool. Remove from pan and slice into pieces. Alternatively place in fridge overnight and slice into pieces for lunchboxes


Spiced Orange Muffins

Delicious allergy friendly muffins with a subtle orange and spice flavour. These are so quick and easy to make. Perfect for school lunches, morning tea or any occasion. Healthy too – well they do contain oranges You will need… 1 orange, flesh scooped out 2 […]

Raw Chocolate Bars

This delicious allergy friendly recipe ticks all the boxes – allergy free from nuts, dairy, eggs and soy. It’s also gluten free, sugar free, preservative free, raw, delicious and easy to make. Yummyness without the guilt! Let me know what you think ALLERGY ADVICE: FREE […]

Easy Sweet Chicken Curry

This is one of my go-to-meals! I’ve cooked it so many times and it’s never failed to impress. It’s also very forgiving. In fact, it is one of the first meals I learnt to cook many years ago. The original recipe was given to me from my mum – THANKS MUM!!!
I’ve since adapted it for our needs and hopefully yours too!

Free from Gluten, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Fish and Shellfish

You will need...


2 onions, peeled and diced
1 Tablespoon dairy free margarine (or coconut oil)
1/2 capsicum, diced
2 apples, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped finely
2cm piece ginger, chopped finely
1 Tablespoon Gluten Free flour
1 Tablespoon curry powder ( according to taste)
1 cups chicken stock
Chicken, cooked, shredded
2 bananas, diced

What to do...

Heat the margarine or coconut oil in a fry pan. Add the onions and diced apples.
Sauté until the onion softens. Add capsicum, celery, garlic, ginger and curry powder. Add the flour and stir until combined, off the heat
Return pan to the heat and cook for 1 minute.
Gradually add the stock, stirring until thickened. Add more water if it is too thick.
Add chicken – or whatever protein you are using.
Stir in banana and heat through.
Serve with rice and steamed vegetables


 *Depending on allergies, you could replace chicken with tuna, left over roast meat, prawns or vegetables.

Caramelised Pear & Rocket Salad

You will need… Dressing 2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 teaspoons honey 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard Salt and pepper, to taste Salad 150g rocket 8 pancetta slices 1 Tablespoon dairy free margarine 4 pears, cored and cut into wedges […]

Chocolate Rough Fudge

Chocolate and fudge are 2 of my favourite things… add some shredded coconut and this is just like the old chocolate roughs we had as kids – just healthier. Remember those? Do they still sell those? This is really quick and easy. Its also free […]

Honey Muesli Slice

A quick, easy and delicious muesli slice. Perfect for kids lunchboxes, picnics, morning tea or even breakfast.


Nut Free | Dairy Free | Egg Free |Wheat Free | Gluten Free

What you need...

1 cup chopped dates
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup quinoa flakes ( or gluten free oats)
1/2 cup coconut sugar
1/2 cup Gluten free SR flour
1/2 cup Coconut flour
160g dairy free margarine
2 Tablespoons raw honey

What to do...

Preheat oven to 190C
Place margarine and honey in a small saucepan. Heat over a low heat until melted. Alternatively, place in glass jug and melt in microwave.
In a large mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients. Pour in honey mixture and stir until combined.
Press mixture into a lamington tin. (the one I used was 25 x 15 cm)
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden.
Cut into pieces while still warm. Remove from pan when cold.