Are You Living With Allergies?

Are you struggling with eczema or other skin conditions? Are you new to the world of food allergies? Are you feeling overwhelmed? You are in the right place!!

As an allergy mum, it is my passion to help people with allergies, not just to survive but to THRIVE!  

Living with allergies can be overwhelming and can affect your whole life.  Most mums feel helpless and out of control when their child is diagnosed with an allergic condition. I mean seriously, how can a food suddenly put your child at risk of life threatening anaphylaxis?

I understand all too well how stressful it can be caring for a child with severe food allergies.

My son was a baby when he  was diagnosed with multiple life threatening food allergies to over 15 common foods  - including  peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, rice, corn, oats, eggs, dairy, soy, chicken, potatoes, peaches, peas, mangoes and lupin. He was also covered in eczema.  Talk about an unexpected learning curve!

If you are new to the world of food allergies I have put together "Beginners Guide To Food Allergies'  that I'm sure will help and I'd love to share it with you. Just click on the link below to access your free copy.

My Gift To You ...

This is a must have eBook packed with helpful tips and suggestions for anyone newly diagnosed with food allergies.

Designed to help cut through the overwhelm and navigate your way through eating safely with food allergies without going insane.

What do you eat when you have food allergies?

When my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies  my world changed. There were suddenly so many common foods that were no longer safe for him to eat. I decided to focus on what he could eat and I started creating my own allergy friendly recipes. I discovered many other people were struggling to make healthy food that was safe from their common allergens so I began writing allergy recipe eBooks to share with other families.  We have a range of allergy recipe eBooks available Here. All recipes are FREE FROM Gluten and the Top 8 allergens.  We also have plenty of allergy friendly recipes right here on this website.  


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Need Some Guidance From Someone Who's Been There? 

I'm Sonya Lee and I'm a certified Health & Wellness Coach for mums just like you - who want their families to thrive, despite living with allergies, eczema or other allergic dis-eases.

I can show you how to feed your family healthy, nutritious and allergy friendly food, whether that be gluten free, dairy free, nut free or any other dietary restriction you may have. 

I understand how stressful and frustrating it can be trying to feed and care for a child with multiple food allergies. My son was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies to over 15 common foods. and covered in eczema as a baby.  Today, his only allergy is to nuts - and he hasn't had eczema for over 10 years.

Living with allergies can be challenging. I'd love to share what I have learnt throughout my journey of living with allergies, to help make life that bit easier for you. Life is too short to just survive when you can thrive!  Book a FREE Coaching Clarity call and we can chat about how I can help. 

 I'm so glad you are here!

Sonya Lee x

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