= About Allergysave =

Living with allergies can feel overwhelming with most people feeling helpless and out of control – I know what I did. The good news is we don't need to put up with ill-health. I believe any condition can be reversed and the body healed.

When my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies I needed to rethink what I knew about food and what to feed him. I had always loved cooking and cooked most things from scratch, but now with so many allergies a lot of ingredients that were the base of our diet he couldn't eat. Back then there were very little resources or help, our dietitian couldn't even help. So, I began experimenting and creating recipes using alternative ingredients.

I began to journal my recipes and what we were going through in a blog called Parenting A Child With Multiple Food Allergies. It didn't take long for me to realise that there were many other mums struggling with feeding their allergic children too and needing help.

I was determined to share what I had learnt, so created Allergysave - with the intention to provide resources to help families with allergies save time, money and stress. I am passionate about helping families to thrive despite having allergies.

Remember you don't have to put up with allergies as if it's your lot in life. The human body has been created to heal itself, when given the right environment. Removing the triggers, feeding it the best nutrition and healing the gut are key to optimal health. I'd love to help you by sharing what I have learnt and what is helping many others get back in the driver's seat of their health.

I believe managing symptoms and addressing the underlying root cause of illness is the key to successful and ultimate health & wellbeing. As an allergy mum it is my passion to help people with allergies not to just survive but to THRIVE!

Connection to like minded people going through the same challenges helps make your journey lighter and easier, so please join our online community here

*See below for more information about resources that can help you on your allergy journey

= My Story =

My journey with allergies, asthma and eczema began as a child. For many years, I had poured my energy, time and money into managing symptoms so I could get on with life. It wasn't until my eczema became out of control covering my entire body did I really wake up and start paying attention. The bandaid solutions that I was using to 'treat' my dis-ease was no longer working.

In fact, as I discovered, the steroid creams and tablets that I was using were actually causing more harm than good. I had developed Red Skin Syndrome (commmonly referred to as Topical Steroid Addiction). 

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= Cohen's Story =

We have been on a huge journey after my son Cohen was born. From a baby he developed severe eczema over his entire body. It was devastating as a Mum to watch as he scratched himself night after night until he was bleeding. I felt so helpless and powerless.

He was alter diagnosed with multiple life threatening food allergies to to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, rice, corn, oats, eggs, dairy, soy, chicken, potatoes, peaches, peas, mangoes and lupin.

Within a few weeks of avoiding all his allergens, making a few lifestyle changes and developing a brand new diet,  his eczema cleared up and has never been back.

We have also managed to clear all of his allergies (except of nuts) by maing some lifsetyle changes and implementing a gut healing protocol.

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Need Some Help? 

Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn to next? Living with severe allergies and eczema can be chaotic, leaving most people feeling helpless. Talk with someone who ‘gets it’. Let’s work together and turn your chaos into confidence. Book a free consult to chat about how we can work together. Book a FREE Clarity Call and lets chat about how I can help you

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