Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal Planning! You’ve more than likely heard about it. Maybe you’ve thought you really should get organised and spend time planning your family’s meals for the week. But, who has the time right? We are all so busy, there’s always something or someone who wants our time. Throw into the mix trying to cater for […]

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Tips For An Allergy Safe Easter

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d throw some ideas your way to help in keeping your child with allergies safe. I’ve also added my all time kids favourite Easter recipe from my Easter eBook.  Make sure you check out the special offer for a free eBook too.  Check it out.The Rocky RoadhouseSpecialising in […]

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Zucchini and Fennel Slaw

One of the many gut friendly recipes from my LOVE YOUR GUT – 8 week gut healing program for busy people. This salad is delicious and quick to throw together.  Health Benefits of Fennel Fennel, with it’s unique licorice like flavour has many health benefits and has been used in many cultures for its medicinal properties. In ancient Chinese […]

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Blackberry Sorbet

This is a perfect healthy dessert for summer.  Replace the blackberries with any frozen berries. You can whip this up in no time.  You will need… 2 cups frozen blackberries (or any berries) 2 tablespoons water or dairy free milk 2 tablespoons honey, optional What to do… Place frozen berries in a high-speed blender and let it defrost for 10 minutes. […]

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