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Little Bodies
Summary: Keep eczema at bay with Little Bodies skincare
Business Description:

Little Bodies understands the challenges that kids with eczema face on a daily basis. They know that keeping  skin healthy and managing mild flare-ups requires more than just an eczema cream. It requires a regimen of care. That’s why they have created the Little Bodies line of eczema care products.

Stockists include Woolworths, Blooms Chemists, Pharmacy Direct. More Stockists here

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Summary: Allergy awareness bands, jewellery, Fevermates, Allergy identification bracelets, First aid kits,
Business Description:

Medibands save lives. Worry Less Live More! Mediband bracelets enable medical practitioners, paramedics, emergency workers and even colleagues, family and friends to quickly identify if a person has an existing medical condition, specific allergy or drug intolerance in order to administer the correct treatment.

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MumKayles Allergy
Summary: Allergy T Shirts, Gifts, Homewares, Labels
Business Description:

Entrepreneur and Creator of Kids Allergy Shirts, Personalised Clothing and Gifts. 

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My Food Allergy Friends
Summary: Childrens books, Epipen cases, Allergy bands, Allergy Resources: flashcards, stickers, posters, Allergy awareness, Allergy sessions
Business Description:

Australia’s dedicated supplier of children’s educational allergy resources. Teaching every child to be Food Allergy Smart with our Food Allergy Smart program. We have resources for parents and allergy packs for childcare centres and schools. We also have our Food Allergy Smart Awareness Sessions for children. Helping families and educators to work together in providing a safe environment for children that is practical and simple for everyone to implement.

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Organics on a Budget
Summary: Gluten free, food, drink, babycare, water filters, drink bottles, pest control, skincare, cosmetics,
Business Description:

Working towards a healthier Australia one pantry at a time. Australia wide delivery

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Summary: Eco friendly reusable food pouches and accessories
Business Description:

Revolutionising the way we think about "fast food". Sinchies are handy and easy to use reusable food pouches. Perfect for life on the go. Perfect for food allergy families!

Always have a handy snack available for your food allergic child. These pouches are revolution in thehealthy eating, affordability, convenience and ease of preparation.

Handy and easy to use.

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Talyala Emu Oil
Summary: Pure Emu Oil: Natural Arthritis Pain Relief, Eczema, Psoriasis plus more
Business Description:

Emu Oil by Talyala Australia is a natural product  offering natural pain relief  associated with Arthritis. Emu Oil is nature's own Anti-Inflammatory and can help treat inflammatory skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Talyala Emu Oil sells 100% Pure Emu Oil, 100% Pure Emu Oil Capsules and a range of natural gentle Emu Oil products.
Products are free from petro-chemicals, parabens, SLS, silcons, artificial colours and fragrance.

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Summary: Allergy tattoos, fundraising
Business Description:

Bright and funky personalised temporary tattoos that provide an extra layer of safety when you need it most. Have your message pre-printed or write your own to highlight allergy or medical conditions and ensure your specific needs are visible. Tattoos are easy to use, non-toxic, waterproof and very durable

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Allay Organics
Summary: Allay Organics skin care products are committed to using only the highest grade, ethically sourced and palm free botanicals that have been traditionally used in herbal medicine to support, soothe and regenerate the skin.
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Kultured Wellness
Business Description:

Kultured Wellness provides education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health.

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