BIO 400 Bench Top Water Filter (5.25 litre)

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The Waters co BIO 400 is the latest evolution in 32 years of producing dome bench top filter systems. BIO 400 can now remove up to 99.99% of fluoride (unequalled in the water filter industry) after years of exhaustive research by scientists. With a 5.25 litre hand blown blue glass reservoir and a chrome tap outlet. Once again Waters Co have set the new benchmark for other filter systems and filter companies to follow.


The BIO 400 5.25 Litre Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter offers 13 stages of sterilisation, filtration and activation to remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, nitrate, sediment, rust, cysts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and unpleasant odours from tap and tank water. Water quality tests reveal that the BIO 400 removes up to 99.99% of chlorine, which is added to tap water to stop the growth of harmful bacteria but has a harsh, unpleasant taste.

The multi-stage filter system contains long-lasting, silver-activated, coconut-shell carbon, resin, magnets and bio ceramics together with silica and Somelite™ coral sands, which re-mineralise water with around 60 essential, sea-based minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. These minerals significantly increase the negative ion count of the filtered water and typically produce an alkaline pH of around 7.6 – 8.2*. This helps the body to neutralise acidic build-up caused by diet and lifestyle, which assists the major organs and immune system to function effectively. It can also help to increase energy and concentration.

The BIO 400 Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter features include:
• Filter kit with a life cycle of up to 12,000 litres or 4 years
• All natural gravity-fed filter system
• No electricity or plumbing required, easy to assemble and maintain
• 13 stages of purification & activation
• 5.25 litre hand-blown glass reservoir
• 0.5 Micron pre-filter
• Creation of Alkaline water with pH value of 7.6 – 8.2 (may vary based on source water)
• Economical hydration at around 2 cents per litre (Nearly 1/3 the cost of similar systems)
• Reduction in landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles
• Reduction in carbon and fossil fuels related to bottled water
• Compact size, lightweight and easily transported if required
• Life-Time Warranty

Height: 385mm
Diameter of base: 235mm
Weight: 4.2 kg