Some exciting news from a parent of a food allergic child….my 3 year old ate his 1st jelly bean ever! …and his 2nd, 3rd and 4th. My little man has food allergies to so many foods. Total avoidance has been our mission. With so many allergies, sometimes our mission feels like a never ending, overwhelming task.

Sometimes….. there is an unexpected moment of hope and pure joy!

We had driven the 2 ½ hours to the allergist for his latest skin prick test.

Good news! The results were better than the previous allergy test. The doctor seemed to think it was okay for us to start challenging him on a few new foods.  


Can you imagine my boy’s face, when the allergist asked if he wanted a jelly bean? A very enthusiastic “YES PLEASE! ” followed. I’m sure most 3 year olds would have almost inhaled the lolly before the offer was recanted. Not my boy…..  

He thanked the allergist….. and then he sat there holding it….. He had been so allergic to so many things his whole life – he didn’t know what to do with a jelly bean. He looked at it and just sat there. 

I told him it was a lolly and it was okay for him to eat it….. and before I could repeat myself……it was gone.  


What followed next was one of those moments when I wished I had my camera…….. the look of joy and excitement on his face was a look that I will cherish for a long time. 

A jelly bean….. a simple treat that most children take for granted. For this 3 year old – a jelly bean was the beginning of a whole new world….. 

  • amy zhang says:

    my son is similar , I felt helpless, I am not sure if you are still running this website, if you do , this will be very helpful to me

  • Crazy Mumma says:

    Absolutely priceless

  • An Allergy Mum says:

    Hi there,
    I just came across your blog today. Our sons sound very similar. My son is also allergic to wheat, eggs, nuts, soy, sesame, sunflower, cocunut. He also used to be allergic to dairy, tomato, and corn but has only just recently outgrown these (he is nearly 3.5 years old now). And he also used to have severe eczema like your son too.
    Like you, I shared your frustration and feeling of helplessness at finding things for him to eat. Spending countless hours in the supermarket reading ingredients lists and feeling deflated once I came across a disqualifying ingredient. Searching online endlessly for something that he could eat.
    I have found the wheat allergy the hardest to cope with, as wheat is such a pervasive ingredient.
    Anyway, I’m not sure if you still maintain this blog but it’s nice to touch base with you, I haven’t met anyone else whose child has as many allergies as our sons do. Let me know if you read this!

    • admin says:

      Thankyou so much for your comment. It’s so challenging isn’t it, although it does get easier. Hope your boy keeps improving – it is a relief when they grow out of an allergy. Take care

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